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Valentine's Interview
Valentine's Day is the only time of year, when boys find themselves using words like "snugglebum" and "munchkin". But as usual with McFly, things in their world are a little different...

What's the slushiest thing you've done for Valentines?
Dougie: The most romantic thing you could do is make-out under the stars. Not in this weather though - maybe we could make-out under the clouds!
Harry: I've written a song for a girl before. I never gave it to her . it's too personal. And no, it's not on the next McFly Album!
Tom: I once wrote a song as a Valentine's Day present for a girl. This year we'll be filming a movie with Lindsay Lohan, so I might try to slip her a card.

Is serenading a girl a good chat-up technique?
Tom: Yeah, I did recently. But I was just wearing my boxer shorts at the time. Music is always the key to a girl's heart.

What's been your longest ever relationship?

Danny: I went out with a girl for five or six months in Bolton. We split up when I moved down to London and joined McFly.

What's your fantasy date?
Tom: I'd like to go the cinema in Times Square in New York.
Danny: There's nothing more romantic than taking a girl to a sit-down meal at an italian restaurant.
Dougie: I'd like to spend the day at San Diego Zoo. I love animals and my date better had, too!
Harry: I'd wisk my date off to a beautiful island and we'd snog underneath a coconut tree.

Where would you never take a girl?
Bolton town centre. It's proper rough, man.
Harry: I'd never go to McDonald's.
Dougie: Somewhere cold. I wouldn't go on a date in England or anywhere that snows. The cold sucks.

Tom, there were loads of girls at your old stage school. Was it an utter snogfest?
I was a really naughty boy. I would snog one girl when I arrived in the morning, another at lunch and then someone else at the end of the day!

When was your last snog?
On New Year's Eve I ended up copping off with a girl at my mate's house party.
Harry: Me too - I had a Christmas snog when I went home.

What about you, Dougie?
I'm not saying! But I only kissed about four or five girls last year.
Tom: Dougie's a pretty shy guy. I've never even seen him snog anyone. I've seen him kiss a few cute animals though!

Источник: http://www.mcfly.com.br

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