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McFly interview in Norwich
It was a dreary day in Norwich - the rain was pouring and the wind blustery.

But it didn't put off 2,000 fans from queuing up to meet McFly, who brightened up the day.

Chart-toppers McFly came to Norwich to sign copies of their new single, Obviously.

Around 2,000 fans brought along their posters, records and even guitars for the band to scribble on.

The cheers of the crowd outside Big W meant Harry, Dougie, Tom and Danny could have done with some earplugs - not to mention tissues to mop up their fans' tears.
Picture: McFly gallery.
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Before the band greeted the queues, we caught them for a quick chat.

We found out why Harry likes Norfolk so much, what the heart-throbs thought of Pop Beach and why Harry thinks
he'll become a Canary supporter again.

How often have you been to Norfolk?

Harry: My granny lives in Norfolk and my best friend lives in Norfolk as well. I've been here loads - not as a band.

We did Pop Beach a couple of weeks ago, but it's weird because we're new it’s only the second time we've been here.

What do you think of it here today?

Danny: Well, it's raining. I want to go and see the Norwich stadium.

Harry: Ah yeah, cool the Canaries. I used to support them when I was younger.

Don't you support them any more?

Harry: I don't support anyone now. I turned into a glory supporter - I went onto support Manchester United.

Maybe you'll come back now they've gone up into the Premiership?

Harry: Really!

Tom: Yeah, did you not know?

Harry: No. The thing is I went to school in Suffolk, near Ipswich.

There's a bit of rivalry. I'm not saying I supported Ipswich but I couldn't really decide.

Do you think you'll support Norwich now they've gone up?

Harry: Yeah, why not. I support Norwich [he cheers].

Danny: Yeah, so will I. NORWICH!

Harry, whereabouts does your nan live?

She lives near Bungay, pretty much on the Norfolk-Suffolk border.

They lived in Suffolk and moved to Norfolk a few years ago.

I've been here a few times to visit my granny and, like I said, my best friend lives in Norfolk as well.

Where's your favourite place in Norfolk?

Harry: I think I just like the countryside really. I really like the east coast like Comer [sic].

Doh! I mean Cromer - I obviously come here a lot, don't I!

I like places just over the border in Suffolk as well like Aldburgh and Southwold. I used to go there a lot as a kid. I just like the countryside. I like driving past the pig farms as well!

Does it remind you of Essex, where you come from?

Harry: It just reminds me of when I was younger because I went to boarding school - Old Buckenham Hall [The same school as his pop pal Charlie from Busted] - in Suffolk.

We used to do a lot of travelling around Norfolk and Suffolk, so I know it quite well.

How did you get on at Pop Beach when you played there?

Danny: A really good response. There were a good few bands and stuff.

Tom: We were one of the first acts on when it went onto TV so everyone was in a really good mood.

The sun just came out as well when we went onto the stage. It had been a bit miserable and we were all like, 'Oh no!' but then the sun came out.

What did you think when you stepped out on stage and saw all the McFly posters?

Tom: I thought all these bloody illegal merchandise sellers!

All these roadshows we've been doing I've seen all these illegal McFly banners!

Have you seen all the queues outside at all?

Tom: Yes, it's amazing.

Harry: We're always stoked when we see these kind of things. It's like, 'Wow.' It's weird every time.

You've been touted as following in Busted's footsteps - do you want to achieve the same level as success as them?

Danny: We want to go further!

Harry: We're all really ambitious.

Tom: You've always got to aim to do the best otherwise there's no point in doing it.

Harry: We never compare our success to Busted's or anyone else's.

Tom: We just want to be as successful as we can be.

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