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Female First
I totally agree but I need to know, what is your favourite colour?
Dougie: My favourite colour? It's Blue.

You started out when pop-rock bands ruled the charts; you have outlived Busted, won countless awards and are on your second album - do you wish people would take you a bit more seriously now?
Dougie: I don't want people to take us so seriously, like Coldplay type serious. But I think over time, as our fans grow up with us, people will actually realise that we do actually play our own instruments and write our own stuff and that's just one of the most important things. Being a musician and having people think that you don't play your own stuff is, well, not very nice.

No it's not (aww.) Do you find it harder now to maintain the cute image and well styled haircuts that you started out with?
Dougie: No, I don't think that us four intentionally try to keep a young image. We don't take the pictures or anything, so it's nothing to do with us.

Earlier this year you went to the states to work on ‘Just My Luck' with Lindsay Lohan, how was that?
Dougie: Yeah it was good. We get to see it for the first time on Sunday actually. It was awesome though. We had a really good time and went to good parties.

Did you get to meet any impressive celebs out there?
Dougie: Um, not really, we just met some really cool people, like the cast and crew and stuff on the film, they were really nice and New Orleans is a really cool place.

Does McFly have a big part the film?
Dougie: Yeah we've got the sub-plot part. We don't actually have to act or anything, were just playing ourselves, same band, same music, same people.

Cool, that should hopefully help you to do the impossible and break into the states as well...
Dougie: Yeah I think we are going to try and come off that back off that, we want to break into about 5 million other countries as well.

Didn't some other band in America also called McFly try and sue you for using their name?
Dougie: There was someone else called McFly, but they didn't try to sue us, they were pretty cool with it actually. They understood that we had a better record deal than them. I think they changed their name to Mighty McFly or something.

Ha! When is the movie released in the UK and would you like to do any more?
Dougie: The movie is out sometime next year and no I wouldn't like to, I had fun doing this one, but I wouldn't like to do it again.

Were the rumours about Harry and Lindsay true then?
Dougie: No, I don't know how it got started but I think he was quite pleased about it. We did hang out with her for a while and I think they must have been seen talking or something, that's probably why.

I know I bet he was stoked. Anyway McFly have their first live DVD coming out on the 28th November, what can we expect from that?
Dougie: Um, well I haven't seen the whole thing but I'm in it so it's definitely worth getting (laughing) it's got a documentary and a live in Manchester concert.

Smashing, you and the rest of the boys have featured in a couple of gay mag's lately, what's that all about?
Dougie: Yeah I'm on the cover aren't I. Well none of us are gay, but they asked really cool questions, the guy who was doing the interview was really cool.

You don't mind being gay pinups then?
Dougie: No not really, I mean we didn't have to do a photo shoot for it or anything, they used pictures that we'd already done and it was quite refreshing to do the interview so I don't really see why not

True.. so you were saying about X-Factor before and with I'm a Celeb starting this weekend – would you ever consider doing a reality show?
Dougie: Hell no!!! I think once you are on that, you know you have sunk too low.

So in thirty years time I'm not going to have to cringe when you appear the 10th million I'm A Celebrity?
Dougie: No! I hate that sort of thing. I could see Danny signing up for something like that one day, but...

You have your second arena tour starting next year, are you looking forward to it?
Dougie: Yeah, it's gonna be cool. I don't know, we didn't know what to expect from the last one, so we will be a little more experienced now. I'd like to make it more like ... link all the songs together and play certain bits of songs and change them around, because we'd be playing exactly the same set of eighteen songs or whatever, so we'll mix it up.

Can we expect McFly to be together for a long-time, your not going to go all Charlie on us and do solo projects are you?
Dougie: No, we will be together a lot longer than I think people will expect.

I'm glad to hear it! Tell me what's the one question you always want to answer but never get asked?
Dougie: Um I have no idea, this is one of those questions that I will think about later when I'm in the bath and come up with a really good answer, but right now I can't think..(haha got ya!)

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