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"Yes, we do sleep with our fans"
The McFLY boys reveal how much they’ve grown up as Sunday puts your questions to Danny Jones, 20, Dougie Poynter, 19, Harry Judd, 21, and Tom Fletcher, 21.

In your video for StarGirl, you go into space. Which celebrities would you like to send to space?

Tom: Me! I'm saving up for the Virgin Galactic Flight into space.
It's a £10,000 deposit and costs £100,000 in total. I can't wait.
Dougie: The last time i answered a question like this, it got me into trouble.
In an interview I said that I'd like to set a trap for Nicola from GirlsAloud and went into a great detail about the harm it would cause. I bumped into her in a cafe a little while later. I didn't know what to say.

How did Harry knock himself out on the photoshoot for the new album?
We were doing shots underwater at a swimming pool and there was a ramp above me. I pushed off from the bottom and smashed my head on it. It really hurt!

How do you treat girls on dates and where do you go?
Tom: Dougie usally ends up throwing up from a car window because he's drunk too much He takes them out, gets pissed and then dribbles out of the window.
Danny: A nice resaurant, or a takeaway pizza and a night in front of the tv.

You all used to live in a house together, but now you've all got your own places. Why?
We've grown up a lot. We moved out of the house and into our own places. They're still on the same street though.
Dougie: I was in my garden the other day and I saw Tom naked.
Tom: I forgot the door was open. I was standing there naked, then saw two girls i know watching me outside. It was embarrassing.

When you came to America did you have screaming fans following you?
Actaully we got followed around quite a lot by fans.
Harry: It was refreshing not to have as many as in the UK, though. It was like starting again.
Dougie: We did our own promotion out there - we were in times sqaure handling out flyers for a gig we were doing at the Hard Rock Cafe.
Tom: It's hard to break America. We were only there for 10 days and English fans started saying we'd deserted them.

Were you jealous when Harry copped off with Lindsay Lohan while you were filming the movie JUST MY LUCK with her in 2005? And how did you tell them Harry?
I told Tom first. I grabbed him by the arm and whispered: 'Tom, Tom, Tom check this out' He was like 'Oh my god! .
I didn't know anything was going on between him and Lindsay until the next day. I was just mooching around pissed out of my head.
Danny: I was too busy trying to pull another to notice.

Who will be the first of you to get married and have kids?
Tom: Danny will probably become a dad by accident.
Danny: Dougie's probably got four already.
Dougie: No way! I always wear at least 3 condoms!
Danny: You have a small wiener and that makes it look bigger.

My 2 daughters want to know why you keep getting your kit off - and will it continue?
Possibly, but it could all be coming to an end because we may have done it too much recently. At the time, it was funny to just get our kit off on stage and it wasn't embarrassing. It depends on the public demand and the occasion. But now these pictures seem to appear on the internet very quickly!

What's the most number of woman you've slept with in the space of seven days? And who's the biggest Lothario?
Dougie's the biggest shagger.
Danny: Only because he's now overtaken me.
Harry: Only because you overtook me in the first place!
Danny: When I was at school I once snogged 20 girls in a night at a disco.
Harry: That's a recipe for glandular fever.
Danny: I had 2 girls in one week once.
Tom: You've had more than that! At Christmas you almost had a different girl every night!
Danny: Oh, that's right, Christmas was good to me that year.
Harry: I think I had 3 in a week once.
Dougie: I'm a Virgin!
All: Liar!

What's the best present a fan has ever given you?
I get a lot of Winnie the Pooh Eeyore cuddly toys. I have quite a collection now.
I get some really cool Star Wars stuff - especially from our Japanese fans. They tend to splash out quite a lot of money on presents.
Dougie: Once I got a porno video handed to me in a bag - with absolutely no explanation!

You've all got tattoos. Any plans to get more?
The top of my arm and shoulder are tattooed and I'd like to get the rest of my arm done. So far I've spent 30 hours in the tattooist's chair. The last time I fainted as it hurt so much. I passed out and then saw a group of tattooed skinheads standing over me trying to wake me up.
Harry: We all got tattoos on our feet for a joke. I've got the word 'Bare' as in bare feet, Tom got 'Big' Danny's got 'Good' as in good ef-foot (effort) and Dougie's got 'Athlete's'.

Do you ever sleep with your fans?
(There follows a very embarrassed silence before they reluctantly answer)
Tom: No! I have a girlfriend.
Harry: Er, yes.
Dougie: Kind of, Well yes.
Danny: Yes. But I don't think it's possible to have a relationshipo with a fan particulary if she wakes up every morning and asks you for your autograph.

If you had to have a love affair with any male celebrity, who would it be - and why?
Brad Pitt.
Dougie: Martin Fowler from EastEnders.
Danny: It's got to be David Beckham.
Tom: Oh yeah he'd be quite good.
Harry: I'd pick Bruce Willis.

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