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Ghost Hunting With McFly Interview
Taking a trip into the deepest, darkest places in Northumberland, the world’s foremost ghost hunter, Yvette Fielding and pop punksters, Mcfly prepare to delve into the spooky unknown! Join the band and their ghost hunting guide as they prepare to face their most frightening fears. Ghost Hunting With... McFly is brand new and exclusive to ITV2, Tuesday 23 October at 9pm. Here is how the boys found the whole experience...

Why did you want to take part in the show?
Tom: We thought it would be fun…….we were wrong!
Dougie: I didn’t

Had you experienced any paranormal activity before you took part in the show?
Tom: No, not really. Harry saw a ghost once, and Dougie and I saw a UFO.
Dougie: I once saw the ghost of a cat’s bum.
Danny: No never.

Dougie, you seemed to be the most scared during the trip. Did you anticipate this?
Dougie: Well, I bought 10 pairs of boxers in case.

What was the scariest location you visited and why?
Tom: The mine - it was pitch black, wet and underground.
Dougie: The mine, because it was cold damp and very dark.
Harry: The castle, because it felt like we were in a real horror movie.
Danny: I think it was when I was in the hut in the forest on my own, I shat myself!

What was the most positive part of the show for you?
Tom: When it was over and we got back to the hotel.
Dougie: None of it.
Harry: Taking part in everything that I was asked to.
Danny: When Dougie ran into the wall in the lead mine.

Was there any part during the experience where you nearly walked out?
Tom: No, I wanted to finish the night.
Dougie: The whole thing.
Harry: Yes, once.
Danny: No, I wanted to go through with it all.

Tell me about the Ouija board experience?
Tom: The Ouija board wasn’t so bad, it was the stones being thrown at us that was f*cking scary!!
Dougie: It sucked, I crapped my pants.
Danny: Scary.

How did you find working with Yvette?
Tom: She was very nice in the end. Weird, but nice.
Dougie: I think she’s a witch and she keeps trolls locked up in her house.
Harry: She was great fun, awesome.

Tom - When at the castle you felt like you were being pushed. Why did you not tell Yvette about this as it was happening?
Tom: It was weird, but I wanted to be pushed harder and I thought if I told someone about it, it might stop.

Are you glad you took part in the show?
Tom: Yes.
Dougie: No.
Harry: Definitely.
Danny: Very glad, it was a great experience and I would love to do it again.

Do you now believe there is something out there?
Tom: Maybe…..we’ll have to come back and do it again to find out.
Dougie: Yes.
Harry: Definitely.
Danny: Something! Don’t know what though?

Have you had any further paranormal experiences since taking part in the show?
Tom: Not yet.
Dougie: I keep feeling someone touching my bum, but I think it’s Tom!
Harry: Dougie is a paranormal experience!

Finally, why should ITV2 viewers watch your show?
Tom: If you wanna see four wimps completely shitting themselves and running around in the dark for an hour, whilst having ghosts throw rocks at them, then this is the show for you. Ghostbusters eat your hearts out!
Dougie: If you like watching cocky losers soil their pants and cry like babies, this show is for you!
Danny: Because it’s the best one yet!

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