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TOTP Interview
They said they couldn't get that girl, but what if they got her, and then wanted to dump her? We chatted to McFly about the art of breaking up...

TOTP: Would you ever dump someone by text?
Harry: Only if it was a short relationship.

Tom: Yeah, not in anything serious.

Harry: It would have to be...[considers this]...a week-long relationship.

TOTP: What about by e-mail?
Harry: Yeah, I suppose so. Tom: It's the same sort of thing, really. Harry: But you can explain in more detail.

TOTP: And on the phone - do the same rules apply?
Harry: No, I think on the phone, it's maybe a bit more acceptable. Tom: Yeah, the phone's more acceptable, like, TALKING.

TOTP: Have you ever dumped anyone on behalf of someone else?
Tom: When I was, like, twelve. Harry: [laughs] No, I haven't.

TOTP: When was the last time you were dumped, and how did you take it?
Tom: The last time I was dumped was...um...at school. Yeah, and I went on holiday the next day.

TOTP: That's a good way to get over it! And what's the lamest excuse you've ever heard for getting the boot?
Harry: Oh, there's ALWAYS the lame excuses! [Giggles] Tom and Harry: "It's not you, it's me!" Harry: Well, if it's you, then go and sort your problems out, that's what I say.

TOTP: Would you ever dump someone in the form of a song?
Harry: No. Tom: No. They probably wouldn't understand anyway, would they?

TOTP: Would you ever dump someone live on TV?
Harry: Now that is really harsh. No.

TOTP: What's the best remedy for being dumped?
Tom: Masturbation. [Harry and Dougie crack up]

TOTP: Nice. How about something printable? [All laugh, then start talking at the same time.]
Harry: Eat ice-cream, apparently. Dougie: Explore your sexuality. Danny: [shouting over from the corner where he's having his hair seen to] Just put "yourself"! Harry: [continuing] That's apparently what girls say. Eat ice cream. Dougie: And that's how they get fat! Harry: And then they don't ever get boyfriends again! Tom: And then they commit suicide. Harry: And then everyone dies.

TOTP: What's the worst way you've been dumped?
Harry: Some girl started shooting at me. [Makes gunshot noises] Tom: Yeah, that was bad. Harry: [in a high-pitched voice] "Just get the f*** out!"

TOTP: [stunned silence]
Harry: Not really, that was a joke.

TOTP: Actually, the next one's sort of related to that. Have you ever sustained an injury whilst dumping someone, or being dumped?
Harry: No, I've never been injured. Dougie: Never been hit. Tom: Never been kissed. [laughs]

TOTP: What is a good opener for 'The Talk'?
Harry and Tom: "Sooooooooooo........!" Harry: "So, me and you...come and take a seat...come into my office!" Tom: "Come into my office!?"

TOTP: And what have you done in the past to avoid 'The Talk'?
Harry: Run away. First class ticket, one way ticket to... Dougie: [interrupting] Nebraska. Harry: ...to the Bermuda Triangle Tom: Alaska. Dougie: [singing in a funny voice] "There is no water in Gibraltar..."

Источник: http://www.bbc.co.uk/totp/
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