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TOTP Interview
Those McFly boys may set many a girl's heart a flutter, but are the pop-rock warriors still little kiddies at heart? Read all about it....

TOTP: Do you feel like you're expected to be more mature at this second album stage, you know... brooding, wearing scarves, things like that?
Tom: No, I think it's not something that's expected but something that happens. Like when we released our first album we were all 16 and were just growing up. As you grow up together, music evolves, and musical tastes and influences change. It's just something that naturally happens.

TOTP: The music's changed, but are you guys growing up as well?
Tom: Well I tend to age a year every year. I have a birthday every year.

TOTP: Funny that. Are there any toys or objects from your childhood that you still have a weird attachment to?
Harry: Yeah. I was actually with one last night, chewing on my teddy. I've got this teddy. He's called Eddy the teddy. I've got a monkey... called monkey.

TOTP: So you're quite creative with the names?
Harry:Well that's the thing. When you're three, I was just like, "I'll call it monkey." And I have a teddy bear with pockets so he's called Pockets.
Tom: I just can't throw away stuff. At my parents house they've still got all of my old toys. I hate getting rid of stuff.

TOTP: So you've got a whole room full?
Tom: Yeah. Literally, I'm going to need two houses when I get older to keep all my stuff.

TOTP: Did you like He-Man?
Harry: Yeah. Master of the Universe!
Danny: You know She-Ra was their cousin and they had a bit of a thing together. That's wrong, that.

TOTP: No, we didn't know that! So if we were to market a McFly board game or video game for Christmas what might that involve?
Dougie: Lego and builders. Build a stage for us.
Tom: It should be like Halo - you have to pick one of us and then we have to kill each other with big guns.
Harry: Yeah, each level could be one of our videos and you could choose which level. And you could run round the video set.
Dougie: You could go through every haircut we've ever had and create your own player! Dress us, choose guitars...

TOTP: Cracking idea! So who's the most immature out of all of you?
Harry: [Everyone points at Harry] Sometimes. I just get excited. WWE! I love wrestling. I think it's awesome.

TOTP: And who's the parent figure?
Tom: Me. Probably.
Danny: But I'm the mum.
Tom: Yeah. Danny's the mum!

TOTP: Err, OK. So what sort of stuff do you do to let off steam?
Dougie: Put the kettle on!

TOTP: Oof! That was painful.
Tom: Urgh, I don't know I guess. I like to play the piano and relaxing.
Harry: And I like playing the harp and relaxing. I've got a harp in my room.
Tom: You're grade 8, aren't you?
Harry: I was. I just play it for fun now.
Tom: They used to call him Harry the harpist. Harry Harp-Pants!

TOTP: When was the last time someone gave you a stern talking to?
Tom: No one tells us what to do. I hate it when people are rude. I'm really bad if someone annoys me, like in supermarkets or something. Some guy was rude to us yesterday, but he walked off before I got angry.

TOTP: What did he say?
Tom: We were there with Son of Dork and he gave me this thing and said, "Can you sign it?" He worked at this TV show. So I signed it, handed it to Dougie and he signed it, and he handed it to Steve from Son of Dork and he said, "I'm in a different band." And the guy said: "Same thing, isn't it?" And we were like, "What? We're here on your TV show and you're being rude to us!" He walked away before I registered what he said, and then I was like, "What did you say?" But he'd gone...

TOTP: Which show was it?
Tom: CD:UK. Yes we still love CD:UK as much as we love TOTP!

TOTP: Phew! That's OK then. So, If you were left in charge of a baby in a hilarious four popstars and a baby scenario, would it be doomed or would you rise to the challenge?
Harry: Rise to the challenge!
Tom: No, don't give us a baby please. It wouldn't be good. We can barely keep ourselves alive without having to worry about a poor child's life. It would be a laugh, but it would be a pretty screwed up kid. He'd need counselling when he hit 15.
Danny: He could breastfeed off me and Dougie.
Dougie: He'd be a good guitarist. And harpist!
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